Before trying to run jaQuzzi Symbolic please make sure that you have installed Java 1.5 or later, as well as Maple 9.5 or later.

Now download the binary distribution in form of the jar package.

At the prompt of your shell use the following command:

java -jar jaQuzzi.jar

Please be aware that Maple is not available yet to jaQuzzi as the program has to know the exact path of your Maple bin directory. As this may differ from platform to platform and even between workstations running the same OS you have to set it manually.
To do so, click on the maple leaf in the toolbar. Now select the path of your Maple directory. On Windows for example it should be: ...\\ and on Mac OS X(tm) .../bin.APPLE_PPC_OSX/, if you are running a computer based on Power PC architecture. Please choose the correct path for your platform accordingly.

If you followed the procedures correctly, a shell script for your specific OS should have been created in the directory where you put the jaQuzzi.jar file. On UNIX style operating systems you have to make these files executable.

You always have to start your application using this shell script as some system dependent variables need to be set. Unfortunately I am not aware of any Java “intern” solution.


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